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Kate Scott guest blogs about her new book, Giant. “At a school visit recently, I was asked which of my books was my favourite: ‘Giant,’ I said, without hesitating. This is partly because my most recent book is always my favourite (because I hope I’ve improved in ability as a writer – whether or not that’s true!) But it is also because this book has more of me in it. When I wrote about Anzo listening to a late-night radio talk show because he’s lonely, I remembered similar nights as teen, listening to Radio Luxembourg in the dark, feeling a little less lost as I listened to a stranger’s voice. And when Anzo finally starts to gain the confidence to not only accept who he is but to celebrate his identity, I remembered my own roller coaster ride to being ‘all right’ (as Anzo puts it!)”

Read the rest of Kate’s blog post here.

To win one of three copies of Giant, enter her giveaway here.

Or, if you don’t want to miss out, buy Giant here.

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