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Catherine O'Mahony
Catherine O'Mahony

Catherine was born in the suburbs of north-west London, but isn’t going to tell you when (she apparently looks younger than this and wants you to think she’s still with it and cool). She now lives with a cute Croatian in London’s East End, surrounded by an increasing number of smelly building sites.

Catherine has a portfolio career, which is a posh way of saying she has loads of jobs and enough email accounts to make her head nearly explode. Alongside writing, these include helping teenagers sort their lives out, managing personal development courses, and teaching yoga. 

At 19, Catherine won i-D Magazine’s Young Writer of the Year competition for her autobiography in 750 words (she still has nightmares about her mum seeing it). She was once a music journalist for Mixmag and has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster Uni.

In her spare time, she likes running by the Thames and watching psychedelic guitar bands in dingy basements (because she’s still with it and cool).

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