News  ·  “Beautiful Debut Book by an Exceptionally Talented Author”


NPR have bestowed much acclaim on Graywolf’s US release of Fen by Daisy Johnson. Concluding a rave review, Michael Schaub tells us, “It’s difficult to explain Fen; it reads like a book that doesn’t want to be explained, only experienced. And thanks to Johnson’s accomplished writing, dazzling imagination and unique point of view, it’s one hell of an experience. Fen is a haunting book about a haunted place, and it’s more than worth it to take the trip.”

Since the US launch on Tuesday, Fen has been picking up plenty of acclaim. On Twitter Lauren Groff (Fates and Furies) declared Daisy, “a goddamn swaggering monster of fiction.” High praise indeed from the author of Barack Obama’s favourite novel 2015.

Buy your copy here.

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