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How to Bewitch a Wolf

Abie Longstaff‘s latest fiction book, How To Bewitch A Wolf, has been praised by the British Stammering Association for its nuanced and accurate portrayal of a stammering protagonist.

Cherry Hughes, Education Officer for the Association, said:

‘It’s so refreshing to have a strong and interesting main character who stammers. Charlie, an 11-year-old girl, has adventures in a magical setting that will fascinate any young reader. Through these adventures Charlie learns to accept herself as the person she is and her stammer as part of that. This book gives out the best possible message about stammering, and engages the reader with its excitement and fantasy from the very first page.

Abie has also written a blog post about stammering for Scholastic, which will be published here this Sunday, on International Stammering Awareness Day.

Buy a copy of How To Bewitch A Wolf and other titles by Abie here.

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