Natasha Harding of The Sun tweets that The Mother is her “Book of the year so far”. Yvvette Edwardsnovel is “a powerful book that will cut you to the… quick” she says in her review today.

The Press Association have also published a fabulous review of the novel:

“a wonderfully vivid and arresting portrait of a mother facing up to the ultimate horror and doing so with bravery and dignity” Yorkshire Post

The Mother was published by Macmillan, Mantle imprint, yesterday.

Buy the novel here


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    The Boy and The Bear

    When a boy receives an invitation to play written on a little paper boat, it seems that he has found the friend he’s been longing for – at last!

    But Bear isn’t quite the playmate the boy had imagined. If only Bear knew how to play games properly!

    But when Bear begins to build a treehouse, the boy is intrigued and a magical summer begins. As autumn passes and the first winter snowflakes start to fall, the boy is left alone, and only then does he truly realise what he has lost… Until at last spring comes again and the friends are joyfully reunited with a very special hug!

    A John Lewis Exclusive.

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