Mr Gum and the Power Crystals


UK (C'wealth) Egmont Press
Belgium Uitgeverij Lannoo
Brazil Distribuidora Record
China Thinkingdom Media
Denmark Forlaget Carlsen
Finland Schildts & Soderstroms
France Bayard
Germany Patmos
Greece Minoas
Israel Agam Publishing House
Korea E-Public
Macedonia Toper Books
Netherlands Uitgeverij Lannoo
Poland Egmont
Portugal Editoria Verbo
Serbia Laguna
Slovenia Mladinska
Spain Grupo SM
Turkey Tudem
Vietnam Nha Nam


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range 8+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1405228172
ISBN-13: 978-1405228176
Illustrator: David Tazzyman


From award-winning author Andy Stanton comes book four in the You’re a Bad Man, Mr Gum! series: Mr Gum and the Power Crystals. Shabba me whiskers! Can it really be true that there’s an ancient curse on the town of Lamonic Bibber? And you guessed it, that old roo-de-lally Mr Gum and his trusty sidekick Billy William the Third have something to do with it. But… our favourite heroes Polly and Friday and the gingerbread biscuit Alan Taylor (only 15.24 cm tall) are determined to save the town (sigh of relief). Hang on to your heads and prepare to chuckle like a chipmunk as you are whisked to the land of talking dogs, silly songs, Old Granny, and the best chase scene you’ve ever seen.You may even learn to say ‘The truth is a lemon meringue’ in Spanish! This is barking bonkers…

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'It's no use screamin' for help,' Mr Gum told Polly as the villains dragged her through the town square beneath the darkening skies. 'So don't try it again,' he grinned ferociously, leaning so close to Polly's face that she could see every single fly in his beard. 'Not unless you want Billy here to feed you a nice plate of steamin' cold entrails, that is.'

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