News  ·  ‘We Can’t Get Enough of Rae’s Witty Writing’

It's All in Your Head

Maximum Pop have dubbed Rae Earl‘s It’s All in Your Head ‘an advice guide like no other’.

Rae Earl has written about the messy reality of surviving a breakdown on Broadly.

Blame my breakdown on a hedgehog. 

Well, don’t. Of course it was a lot more complicated than that. A thousand moments thread together to make the intricate tapestry of a mental collapse. Mine was years in the making.

The problem with thinking you’re the devil or God or a god for a lot of your life is that the job comes with a great deal of anxiety. Stopping wars and plane crashes by touching things a certain number of times, preventing my cat getting hit by a car by praying – it was all my responsibility.’

Read the rest of Rae’s article here.

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