News  ·  Danny McGee Drinks the Sea is book of the month!

Danny McGee Drinks The Sea

Andy Stanton‘s wonderful new book Danny McGee Drinks the Sea is The Bookseller’s Book of the Month for July!

Auto Draft “A new book from Andy Stanton is an all too rare thing so this collaboration with Neal Layton, now in paperback will be adored by fans new and old. Can a boy drink the sea? Surely it’s impossible! But drink the sea Danny McGee does, and soon he has his sights on other things: trees, flies, fleas, mountains… where will it end? It’s a wonderfully anarchic reimagining of the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and has all the makings of a monster summer hit. The playful rambunctious rhyming text is a tongue-twisting treat to read aloud, expertly harnessing audience anticipation – and no doubt participation – of what Danny will consume next. Layton’s clever use of mixed media reflects the bonkers nature of the tale; a gloriously chaotic mix of illustration, photographs, collage, doodles and more. The writing in the sand and stripy drinking straw of the cover has a particularly tactile feel sure to make children yearn to leap in. The twist at the end, when it comes, is both unsettling and highly satisfying. This is the first collaboration from the funny book heroes and I hope there’s much more to come.”

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea is published in paperback on 13th July, pre-order your copy here.

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