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It’s a book that celebrates friendship and the power of being true to yourself.” – Frank Cottrell-Boyce

“Tina Fey famously said that trying to be popular at school is like working really hard to be elected Mayor of a town that will be destroyed in four years time. Giant is a fresh and funny meditation on the fickleness of peer pressure, and the pointlessness of trying to conform to its demands. Anzo is the smallest in his class. He’s regularly mistaken for a nursery school child and is the automatic butt of endless ‘jokes’ and nicknames. When the school decides that this year’s play will be Snow White, he is cast as ALL SEVEN dwarfs. All that changes when he discovers a self-help book that actually works. It makes him taller. So the teasing should stop. But it doesn’t. Now he gets teased for being too tall. If that makes it sound a bit like Big – then that would be no bad thing. But Giant is very much its own book. Anzo’s solution lies in his own hands – literally. He’s a gifted cartoonist and his drawings are just one of the added attractions that give the book an extra depth. It also has a cast of vivid characters. Anzo’s own family is warm and lively but its members are all lost in their own preoccupations – they remind me a little of Helen Cresswell’s Bagthorpes. His best friend – Elise – is a sharp courageous counsellor.”

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