News  ·  Giant Longlisted for the NSTBA 2017!

Mumsnet Loves Giant

The lovely Giant by Kate Scott has been longlisted for the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award 2017.

If you haven’t already read this book, these glowing reviews should convince you.

“What a lovely book so sensitively written and not patronising. Accept who you are and rejoice is the message. Well done Kate Scott.” – Mumsnet

“Kate Scott has got the voice of Anzo spot on and he is a very relatable character – Max certainly identified with him, especially around some of the teasing that Anzo experiences at school and as a Mum I was pleased that the book helped us to talk about topics that are sometimes difficult like feeling like you don’t fit in.” – One More Page

Brilliant doesn’t go far enough in explaining how epic this latest book by Kate is. I loved the hilarity of her previous spy series which touched on serious subjects, but what Anzo goes through is on another level entirely. Through Anzo’s height issues Kate introduces readers to positive thinking and various techniques to help instill confidence in yourself.” – Nayu’s Reading Corner

A perfect read for eights and ups. It would be a particularly good addition in school libraries and for any teacher trying to find a book that tackles the subject of fitting in. It reminded me a little of Wonder, but perhaps for slightly younger readers.” – Make Them Readers

Buy your copy of Giant here.

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