Now that Yvvette Edwards’ latest novel The Mother is out in the US, the reviews have started to pour in…

“Set in Edwards’ native London, the book’s delicate, lyrical prose belies the horrifying events that propel the plot. Readers’ assumptions are challenged, along with Marcia’s, as the twisted realities of life for poor, urban teenagers become clear. Edwards manages to pull off a serious examination of how the social contract is failing a large portion of Britain’s urban population without moralizing in what is, ultimately, the story of one family’s road to acceptance and healing in the wake of a tragic loss.” Booklist

“The Mother is a powerful work that illuminates the web of ramifications spun from a personal tragedy.” Paste Magazine

“The almost stream-of-consciousness flow of much of the text, especially in the beginning of the novel, reads so authentically, making the first-person narrative voice so much more alive. Of course, this is exactly how a heartbroken parent would likely sound, and that voice rings with pain. Though devastating, this novel was captivating and begged to be read at a quick pace, with the dull pounding of my heart in the background. I’ve already purchased Yvette Edwards’ previous novel A Cupboard Full of Coats on Kindle, as her storytelling greatly impressed me here.” 5 Minutes for Mom

“A beautiful, engrossing novel that illuminates some of the most important and troubling issues of our time, The Mother is a moving portrait of love, tragedy, and survival—and the aftershocks from a momentary act of cruel violence that transforms the lives of everyone it touches. This powerful story will move readers to tears as Marcia tries to come to terms with an unbearable loss that no parent should ever have to experience.” Book Reviews and More by Kathy

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