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#Help – My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar!

Ahead of publication of her latest novel, #Help: My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar!, Rae Earl, author of TV’s My Mad Fat Diary,  talks to i News about encouraging young people to get help. As seen in My Mad Fat Diary, she herself suffered with “tremendous anxiety from a very early age.”

On finding inner strength, Rae says, “I think I’m pretty much nuclear-war resistant.”

So her advice is: “Go and tell someone; go and talk to your doctor… You absolutely deserve to get the best treatment possible”

“The title of her forthcoming book is so decidedly silly readers could be forgiven for assuming such a tome couldn’t possibly be capable of tackling such weighty issues as children’s mental health, bullying or staying safe online. But it is precisely Earl’s ability to revel in all things silly that makes her work so irresistible, so readable and so relatable. ‘People with mental health problems are still funny, they’re still clever, they still laugh, they still cry, they’re still people.’

Written for a slightly younger audience than My Mad Fat Diary, #Help tells the story of Millie, a Year Eight pupil so sensible that everyone relies on her advice – her friends, her family, even her cat. Millie and her best friend Lauren decide to start a vlog where they dispense amusing pieces of advice about the things that matter most to them: annoying parents, boys, make up – and cats.”

Read the full article in i News here

Walker Books publish #Help on March 2nd.

Pre-order the book here

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