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The Giant of Jum

Elli Woollard‘s The Giant of Jum has been awarded a starred review by Kirkus!

“Who could blame the Giant of Jum for eyeing his daily fare of broccoli with more than a modicum of distaste? Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk (and conveniently forgetting the ending), the giant sets out to fill his tum with tots. Yet each time he encounters potential prey, they end up getting him to help them fetch their ball, save their cat from a tree, and so on. When he finally meets a boy named Jack, his proclamation that he intends to devour the lad is met with skepticism on the part of the other kids. They hand over a massive cake they’ve special ordered for him in thanks, and the giant comes away with the undeniable realization that ‘Chocolate’s much better than children!'”

Read the full review here.

Buy the UK edition of The Giant of Jum here, and pre-order the US edition here.

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