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The Temporary Bride

“A Canadian woman’s foodie travelogue about home cooking in Iran turns into a surprising love story.” (Editors’ pick – New York Times April 23 2017)

Jennifer Klinec‘s The Temporary Bride had a full review in the NYT Sunday Review (April 16):

“They’re like characters at odds in a comedy, destined for love. Over bowls of yellow soup made of tongues and brains sprinkled with cinnamon and lemon, they fall hard

This woman who found a way to buy illegal birth control in Ireland is now wrapped in a hijab, having conversations without making eye contact.

Her story is far from what we expect to be reading and all the better for it.”

Read the full review in The New York Times Shortlist feature.

The memoir is published by Grand Central – Twelve in the US.

Buy it here or buy the UK version here


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