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19 February, 2016

In: Film and TV · News

Hulu has recently announced that all three seasons of My Mad Fat Diary will be released on April 9th, giving fans in the US a chance to watch the award...

Listen to this!

25 January, 2016

In: Film and TV · News

“I urge you to listen to Simon Callow’s brilliant reading of King Lear, A Tragedy in Five Acts, a story inspired by Shakespeare’s play, by Andy Stanton. This is fifteen...

The Secret Life of 6 Year Olds

14 December, 2015

In: Film and TV · News

In Series 2 of The Secret Life of 6 Years Olds, the children are filmed playing…

Mad Fat Emmy

7 October, 2015

In: Film and TV · News

My Mad Fat Diary, the Bafta winning TV series based on Rae Earl’s…

Starring Reese Witherspoon

30 September, 2015

In: Film and TV · News

New Line Cinema have acquired the film rights to In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. Variety magazine picked up the news late last night. Reese Witherspoon will...

MMFD global fandom

9 September, 2015

In: Book Reviews · Film and TV · News

Rae Earl is in demand all over the world, with fans from…

BBC News + No 1 Amazon

22 July, 2015

In: Author Events · Film and TV · News

Joan Hart and Veronica Clark will be interviewed on BBC Look North on July 22 about Joan’s memoir, At the Coalface. Watch Joan, who at 83, talks of her…

At the Coalface Press + BBC

16 July, 2015

In: Film and TV · News · Publishing News

To mark publication, Joan Hart will be interviewed on BBC TV Look North  next week about At the Coalface, her memoir…

TV News for memoir

10 July, 2015

In: Film and TV · News · Publishing News

At the Coalface will feature on ITV Calendar Leeds this evening – June 9th – at 6 p.m. ahead of its publication on June 16th. Joan Hart’s memoir tells the…

Mad Fat Global Trend

8 July, 2015

In: Film and TV · News

Since the airing of series 3 on e4, My Mad Fat Diary has been globally trending on Twitter. Fans desperate for more are going to Rae Earl‘s books to...

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