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Susanna Booth with be at Dove’s Farm Guest Kitchen at the Allergy & Freefrom Show on 7th July, from 13:30 – 14:00.

Buy her book Simply Sugar Free here.

In Britain, the average person consumes 700 grams – or 140 teaspoons – of sugar each week. Eating too much sugar can be as harmful to your health as drinking alcohol or smoking, as it can lead to an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain and tooth decay, amongst other health problems.

With more than 100 recipesSimply Sugar Free offers sweet and simple dishes using healthier alternatives to refined sugar. Instead of loading your food with refined white sugar, why not use stevia, fruit or honey to sweeten up your dishes?

Featuring tips and tricks to help you wipe out the white stuff, the recipes range from everyday snacks and treats to more indulgent dishes for entertaining guests, and you can even satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert that isn’t overloaded with sugar! From Roquefort & pear muffins, Strawberry scones and Banana bread to Chocolate chip ice cream, Pineapple meringue pie and Red velvet cake, each recipe uses a sweet alternative to refined sugar – without compromising on taste.

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