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Alice Vinten
Alice Vinten

Alice Vinten lives near the sea, in Essex, with her two sons. She spent ten years as a Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police Service, before resigning in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional writer. She is fascinated by the gritty underbelly of London life, and the melting-pot of characters caught within it; the stories and experiences that heavily influence her writing.

During her time as a London copper, Alice used writing as a kind of therapy to help her deal with the difficult jobs. From this therapy, a memoir began to take shape. It became increasingly important to her that she portray the real struggles and experiences of front-line police constables, and women in particular. In sharing her account, she hoped to bridge the gap between the public and the people who protect them on a daily basis. The idea that her memoirs might be interesting to people other than herself started to form when she began a writing course with The Writer’s Bureau. She quickly gained praise from her tutors and decided to pitch her memoir to a number of publishers. When she found Two Roads Books, read about their mission to publish voice-driven narratives, she knew she’d found the perfect home for Girl on the Line. Using their online submission-portal she pitched her idea, and was delighted when she was invited in to meet the team, and ecstatic when they offered to publish her memoir.

Alice has been an avid reader since childhood. Growing up, she demolished a range of books ranging from Point Horror through to the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. Particular favourites were (and still are) Stephen King, Christopher Pike, Judith

Kerr, Roald Dahl and Judy Blume. From a young age she was determined to join in with everything that ‘the boys’ did. Along with a friend, she became the one of the first girl scouts in Hertfordshire, a fact she is still proud of ’til this day! After completing her A-Levels, she studied Social Policy at Portsmouth University, before working at the local council in the homeless department whilst waiting to join the Metropolitan Police.

These days she can mostly be found harassing her two young boys to ‘read more books’ and procrastinating when she really should be writing. A lover of all things creative, Alice has also written four craft tutorial books and contributed to UK craft magazines. Her passion, however, is crime writing. She is currently working on her first crime novel.

Alice had two ambitions when she was young; to be a police officer and an author. She never dreamed that she would achieve both.

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