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Jennifer Klinec
Jennifer Klinec

Jennifer Klinec was born and grew up in Canada in the most East European of families. Always craving autonomy and adventure, she left Canada at 16 for Europe. By the time she moved to the UK at 23 she had already lived in 5 countries and spoke 3 languages.

She opened a cooking school out of her loft apartment which Time Out named ‘The hippest, most authentic cooking school in London’ and travels to countries most people are fearful of, in search of ancient recipes and delicious things to eat.

Klinec’s work explores what it is like to be pulled into a foreign country and have your entire life flipped upside down. Through the lens of food and romance, she explores the search for belonging, the necessity of trust, and the collisions and misunderstandings between Western and Islamic cultures. She takes us behind the closed doors of Iran, one of the most contradictory and misunderstood nations on earth.

The Temporary Bride is her first book.

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The Temporary Bride
The Temporary Bride

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