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Simon Nicholson
Simon Nicholson

Simon Nicholson is one of the UK’s most prolific screenwriters for children of all ages. His work has been broadcast all over the world and his credits include Tracey Beaker, Timmy Time, Girls in Love and many others. He was a member of the core writing team behind Bob the Builder and was Lead Writer and Script Editor for Waybuloo, the BBC’s landmark preschool programme. His first script, Wargame (adapted from the Michael Foreman book) won the British Animation Award and his work for children’s television has been nominated for BAFTA and Royal Television Society Awards.

Simon has also written for theatre, including the musicals China Song (“a near perfect piece of musical theatre”, Independent), Nyanyushka (“a polished and witty satire”, Daily Telegraph) and a highly-acclaimed children’s version of The Magic Flute for the Unicorn Theatre which is to be revived this year at the Bath International Music Festival.

Simon’s first children’s novel, The Oldmoor Orphans, was published by Tick Tock in June 2010 and was chosen for the Waterstones All Summer 3-for-2 promotion. Simon also regularly visits schools to teach creative writing and has found this a useful way to sell his books!

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For Simon’s complete screenwriting CV, click here.

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