News  ·  Blood List: A Fantastic Read

Sarah Naughton‘s latest book The Blood List has been reviewed by Bookbabblers who called it “a fantastic read full of suspense“…

…They added, “Naughton’s writing is so evocative and instantly sweeps the reader from present day to seventeenth century England at the height of the persecution of so-called witches.”

The Blood List, set in the Middle Ages, is the story of Barnaby – a baby born into the court of a Lord. When the baby doesn’t behave as expected, he is left out in a dung-heap in the middle of the forest as a test to see whether he might be a changeling. If so, the fairies will give the real child back. However, when the parents go back the next morning, Barnaby is still there. But is it really Barnaby?

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Read the full review from Bookbabblers here.


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