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World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction

According to her best mate Tash, Emma is one of the most lovely, genuine people ever. According to pretty much everyone else, Emma is a slag. She has slept with quite a lot of boys for a fifteen year-old – but she just wants to feel cared about, that’s all.

When a boy she longs to trust shares naked images of her around the classroom, Emma is driven out of school. Instead, she spends her time trying to hold her home together: cleaning, tidying, keeping social workers away and trying to stop her little brother going off the rails.

All the stuff her mum is too drunk to manage.

When Emma falls out with Tash, life is looking kind of hopeless until Scott comes along. He sees her differently.

But Scott is not only older and married, he’s also the school attendance officer for Stanhill.

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