Anna Whitwham  ·  After Molly (on submission)


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction

NOLA (20) is mourning the mysterious death of her sister, MOLLY (22), found one night on the toilet floor in a bar.

When SVETLANA advertises Molly’s old room on the other side of London, Nola sees a chance to find out more about her sister’s death, and atone for ignoring her final call that night. Nola moves in with Svetlana, without revealing her identity.

But it’s not close enough. Nola also manoeuvres her way into her sister’s old job as a nanny, getting dangerously close to the children’s father, who had a destructive relationship with Molly.

As Nola lives Molly’s life, she plunges into a world of darkness and secrets. How much did Svetlana know? Why are Nola’s parents dodging all her questions? Is Nola doomed to suffer the same fate as Molly?

When the shocking truth is revealed, it changes more lives than Nola ever imagined.

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