Umair Haque  ·  A Good Death (on submission)

Umair Haque


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Under offer


Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction

Umair Haque is living the dream. In his early thirties, he’s become so successful that he doesn’t even need to turn up to work anymore. He jets around the globe giving keynote speeches, advising boardrooms and governments, and writing columns, books and blogs. All the while he advertises his lifestyle online, presenting to hundreds of thousands of followers a picture-perfect life of Michelin-starred restaurants and weekend shopping sprees in Paris.

But cancer doesn’t care about that. And Umair has just been diagnosed with it. In his liver. The doctors give him six months.

A year passes. Six different doctors on three different continents are telling him he has just days left. Hours. So Umair decides to put up an advert on Ok Cupid and go on a date. When you’re about to die, you really learn how to live. And the person that he meets, the love that he experiences and the knowledge that she has is so vanishingly unlikely, that were this a novel, you’d call it ‘unbelievable’.

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