Robbie Brennan  ·  Pieces of Devon Lynch (on submission)


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction

Devon Lynch is an elderly writer of fading renown – but it is not only these circumstances that appall him.

The police investigation into the death threats he receives shows no sign of ending. No suspects. No clues. He lives permanently under the protection of the local forces stationed outside his home in Gurteenfad in rural Co. Cavan.

Age and alcohol marinate his confusion. Strange and tragic events, as well as the addition of a young female guard to his protection detail, heighten his unease.

In his isolation he has put together his final work: a memoir of his various horrors and betrayals that inspired his most famous novels – stories from 1960s Los Angeles, Victorian London, 17th century Prague…

Devon desires a return to public life. He wants to recapture his mystique and secure his legacy. But to do this he must both reveal the truth of his life and fashion his greatest lie.

Devon Lynch is a dark and comic novel about death and self-interest, sex and ego, love and regret.

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