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The Temporary Bride


UK (C'wealth) Little, Brown - Virago
USA Grand Central
Canada Little, Brown
China Nanfan Chiayuan Co. Ltd.
Poland Wydawnictwo Poznanskie
Taiwan Homeward Publishing


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction
ISBN-10: 1455537691
ISBN-13: 978-1455537693

A relationship was a mathematical formula: the correct variables of age, beauty, morality and finances were entered and the output was a successful, peaceful marriage. It couldn’t be, therefore, that their Iranian son could feel desire for someone six years his senior, someone who didn’t come to him pure and untouched. I was an amusing visitor from another world and soon enough I should return to it, fading quietly into an anecdote …

In her thirties, Jennifer Klinec abandons a corporate job to launch a cooking school from her London flat. Raised in Canada to Hungarian-Croatian parents, she has already travelled to countries most people are fearful of, in search of ancient recipes. Her quest leads her to Iran where, hair discreetly covered and eyes modest, she is introduced to a local woman who will teach her the secrets of the Persian kitchen.

Vahid, her son, is suspicious of the strange foreigner who turns up in his mother’s kitchen; he is unused to seeing an independent woman. But a compelling attraction pulls them together and then pits them against harsh Iranian laws and customs.

Getting under the skin of one of the most complex and fascinating nations on earth, The Temporary Bride is a soaring story of being loved, being fed, and the struggle to belong.

“By turns unsentimental and tender, Klinec’s book offers insight into the delicious world of Persian twists and turns of the human heart.  An unexpectedly moving memoir.” Kirkus review

“Danger and intrigue seem more the ingredients of a novel than a memoir; Klinec’s book has both, though, and combined with the smells and tastes of Middle Eastern cooking, this is an addictive and romantic read.” Booklist

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