Gordon Lowe

The Acid Bath Murders

Gordon Lowe on The Yesterday Channel

16 October, 2017

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Gordon Lowe is set to appear on The Yesterday Channel’s (Freeview 19) Murder Maps on Thursday 19th October, in an episode about serial killer John Haigh. The show is also available...

The Black Panther

The Black Panther

14 February, 2017

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” As in his previous book The Acid Bath Murders, Lowe brilliantly portrays the criminal mind and, in Neilson’s case, draws out the central irony that for all his...


3 November, 2016

In: News · Publishing News

Gordon Lowe’s new True Crime book, The Black Panther: The Trials and Abductions of Donald Neilson, is out today…


29 February, 2016

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The Acid Bath Murders was reviewed in The Law Society Gazette: “Gordon Lowe wryly observes…this stomach churning history…and gives a riveting…

Gordon Lowe on BBC Radio

25 November, 2015

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Steve Yabsley, on BBC Radio Bristol, interviewed Gordon Lowe about his two…

Win The Acid Bath Murders

20 November, 2015

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To win a paperback copy of The Acid Bath Murders – The Trials and Liquidations of John George Haigh by Gordon Lowe…

Acid Bath Murders Out!

3 November, 2015

In: News · Publishing News

Gordon Lowe’s most recent foray into the world of serial killers – Acid Bath Murders – is now published…

Escape From Broadmoor Talk

13 January, 2015

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This September, Gordon Lowe will give a talk on Escape From Broadmoor…

Inside Broadmoor on TV

5 June, 2014

In: Film and TV · News

This week Channel 5 repeated Inside Broadmoor which featured Gordon Lowe, author of Escape from Broadmoor: The Trials and Strangulations Of John Thomas Straffen as…

Gordon Lowe on Channel 5

12 September, 2013

In: Film and TV · News

Gordon Lowe, author of Escape from Broadmoor, will be on Channel 5 on Monday 30th September at 9pm. This will be the first…

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