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The Turn of the Key

Los Angeles Review of Books has run an extensive online review of Ruth Ware‘s The Turn of the Key . “Henry James via Black Mirror…Furnishing a traditional Gothic suspense story line with such ultra-modern trappings may seem incongruous or even anachronistic, but Ware handles this juxtaposition admirably, mirroring this blending of genres in the composition of Heatherbrae House… Technology, as a help and hindrance, plays a large role in this book, supplying a nonbeliever’s explanation for the eerie events. While the ambiguity in James’s masterpiece is “ghosts or madness?,” here it is “ghosts or glitch?” Unlike The Turn of the Screw, however, Ware picks a lane, deploying a satisfyingly dizzying parade of twists and reveals without leaving much unexplained.”

Critic Maureen Corrigan discussed the novel on NPR’s “Fresh Air”. Tune in here at the 3:46 mark. “Ware slyly sets her tale of the haunting of a governess and her difficult young charges in an old mansion that’s been renovated into a ‘smart house,’ complete with a sinister assortment of blinking surveillance cameras and talking refrigerators… Ware is a master of atmosphere and, here, the off-kilter weirdness of the old house itself seeps into every crack of this story… ‘Get out of there!’ we jumpy readers find ourselves urging, but Rowan stays put for reasons we won’t understand until the final breathless twist of this thriller.”

Shelf Awareness also reviewed this title in their daily e-newsletter. “Breathlessly atmospheric, The Turn of the Key is a deliciously creepy mystery… Ware’s twist on a classic is sure to be a hit for fans of psychological thrillers.”

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