Manuscripts are initially read by Sarah, Aisha and Ludo. Please take a look at our guidelines for further details about the submission process.

Our Staff

Ludo Cinelli


Ludo joined the agency in 2017 as Eve’s assistant after interning in various publishing companies. He now continues to work very closely with Eve and her clients, as well as building his own list of diverse, original voices.

Aisha Bushby


Aisha is the children’s reader for Eve White. When she’s not reading, she’s most probably writing. Her debut middle-grade novel is out in 2019. She likes anything from contemporary fiction to fantasy, and her favourite stories are usually filled with magic and heart.

Sarah Revivis-Smith


Sarah Revivis-Smith is a literary reader for Eve White and the first port of call for adult fiction submissions. She has worked and lived in London, Australia and France and is passionate about finding new voices with unique stories to tell. She also interviews writers and authors for Structo Magazine.

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