Q:  How does the publishing process work?

For a brilliant overview on the publishing process, read this post by Eve’s client Andy Stanton on the Writers & Artists Insider Guide to the Media website.

Q:  How do I write a good synopsis?

Our friends at Blue Pencil Agency have an excellent guide on this here.

Q:  You have turned my work down. What do I do next?

We’re sorry that your work wasn’t for us. We take on very few new authors a year from the thousands of submissions we receive; these are writers whose work we fall head over heels for. Our best advice would be to keep writing and honing your craft, seeking support from other writers and readers where possible in contexts like writing groups (online or offline), courses or retreats (where economically viable), and with literacy charities and other similar organisations. In our experience, writers only get better with each book they write, and several of our clients wrote many novels before gaining representation and getting published. For example, read about Ruth Ware’s experience here or Luan Goldie’s experience here.

Q:  Can I have feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately, unless we’re interested in seeing a reworked version of your submission, we’re unable to offer feedback. We would love to be able to do this for everyone who submits – but then we wouldn’t have time to look after our current clients.

Q:  Do you charge a reading fee?

No, we do not.

Q:  What does an agent do?

To understand what we do, have a read of this blog from the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook website.

Q:  Do you accept submissions of short story collections?

Yes, we do.

Q:  I have written more than one book. Can I submit more than one book at the same time?

Please only submit one book to us at a time. This allows us to get back to everyone who submits faster. You are welcome to submit again once you hear back from us.

Q:  Could you tell me more about the Association of Authors' Agents?

We are members of the Association of Authors’ Agents. You can find out more on the Association’s website, here.

Q:  Do you offer any internships?

Take a look at our Jobs page. We will advertise any vacancies (including internships) there as well as on our Twitter feed.

Q:  How long are children's books?

Children’s books vary greatly in length depending on the age of their target readership. We would suggest thoroughly researching the length of books already out there for your target age group before sending your manuscript to us. Libraries and bookshops are a great place to start.

Q:  Do you accept screenplays or poetry submissions?

We are not looking to represent screenwriters or poets, so we do not accept these types of submission.

Q:  Do you accept novellas as submissions?

We do consider novellas in principle. However, please bear in mind that the market for novellas is currently extremely limited.

Q:  What is a nonfiction proposal?

There are many blogs and other online resources available to teach you how to write book proposals. This post from Jericho Writers is a good start.

Q:  I have a true story to tell but I am not a writer. Can you help me to get it written and published?

We accept submissions from people who have a story to tell but are not able, or do not wish, to write it themselves. We ask that you first send us a one-page summary of your story for our consideration. We will see if any of our ghostwriters might be a good fit.

Q:  Do you endorse and adhere to the publishing industry's commitment to professional behaviour?

We certainly do. You can read the industry-wide commitment here.

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