"If ever anyone asks me why anyone needs an agent I have a two word answer: Eve White."

- Andy Stanton

"I love Eve White, or the Goddess as I call her. She helped to make all this happen and she asks the questions I’m too wimpy to ask - AKA the money ones."

- Rae Earl

"Eve has always been by my side, helping me map read, and giving me sage words on the wisdom of shortcuts or u-turns. Most importantly though, she's never tried to take the wheel. The final decisions have always been mine, but having the benefit of her advice has given me the confidence to make the right ones."

- Ruth Ware

"I’m lucky to have been with Eve White since the beginning of my writing career. Her warm and friendly style is reflected in the agency, and I’ve felt supported and championed every step of the way."

- Abie Longstaff

"I am indebted to Eve White, my agent, for her enthusiasm and tenacity, friendship, support and advice."

- Saskia Sarginson

"I could not manage without my lovely agent Eve White who has been unstintingly supportive."

- Jane Shemilt

"Writing is meant to be a solitary pursuit but I have to thank Eve White, my excellent literary agent, plus the rest of the team, for looking after me so well and for finding me a wonderful home at Hodder & Stoughton. I am so grateful for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me. I couldn’t have a better agent."

- Fergus McNeill

"I am enormously grateful to Eve White, my agent, for her belief in my novel and her determination."

- Yvvette Edwards

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