News  ·  “An Emotionally Charged Thriller that Plays on the Tragic Humanity of its Characters”

Rachael is a Sunday Times Crime Club Star Pick

Rachael Blok‘s The Scorched Earth has been reviewed in the Irish Times.

Becky Long said: “As the plots unfolds, Blok skilfully rachets up the tension, immersing her readers in a close-knit, rural world whose inhabitants are minutely drawn and utterly compelling. This novel is a strange object; an emotionally charged thriller that plays on the tragic humanity of its characters and asks its readers what they might do given the same choices.”

Congratulations to Rachael.

The Scorched Earth is available now in hardback and ebook. Buy your copy here, or at your local bookshop.

Find Rachael on Twitter @MsRachaelBlok.


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