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Gail Hildreth
Gail Hildreth

Gail Was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but spent most of her childhood travelling and growing up in Australia and New Zealand. She has lived in places from the Australian outback to the New Zealand coast and everything in between.

At the age of nineteen she returned to the UK where she developed an insatiable love for history. She worked for a while as an illustrator before running away to the USA where she worked as head of wardrobe for The Monkees on their 1989 tour of North America. Whilst in America, Gail attended New York University where she studied 16mm filmmaking and screenwriting.

Back in the UK Gail gained a degree in Media Studies and later an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. In 2012 she won a Northern Writers’ Award and in 2016 was shortlisted in the Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition.

Gail now lives in an old farmhouse deep in the Scottish Borders where she is pursuing her career as an author.

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