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Dinosaurs Don't Draw


UK (C'wealth) Macmillan Children's Books
China 21st Century Publishing Group
Italy Ediciones Obelisco
Korea Aram Publishing Co.
Turkey Pearson Turkey
Spain Ediciones Obelisco


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Age Range Childrens
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 144725483X
ISBN-13: 978-1447254836
Illustrator: Steven Lenton

Dinosaurs aren’t known for their drawing – they’re known for their stamping and stomping and ROARING! All except for one creative young dinosaur who just can’t seem to stop! He transforms rocks, chalk, sticks and mud into the most wonderful works of art – much to the confusion of his fierce, fighting dinosaur family. But when everyone hears the THUD of a terrifying T-Rex, they soon see just how effective art can be. Especially art in the form of an even bigger dinosaur!

Another brilliant rhyming story from an exciting new pairing; author, Elli Woollard and illustrator, Steven Lenton. A vibrant and uplifting story about the joy and the power of art – and daring to be different. A visual treat and a delight to read aloud.

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