How Far We Fall


UK (C'wealth) Penguin - Michael Joseph
Hungary General Press
Italy Newton Compton
Albania Dituria


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Twelve Town


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 0718180909
ISBN-13: 978-0718180904

This is Macbeth for the 21st century; Shakespeare’s bloody tale set in the intense world of modern neurosurgery, where ambitions and morality collide at the cutting edge of neuroscience. Timeless themes of evil and freewill are given a modern twist and set in the city of London and on a remote Hebridean island.  At its heart is a love story, driven by desire, spiralling into danger.

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The police found her in the shallows on a cloudless summer day; her body must have been rolling for hours, this way and that in the surf. Her hair spread like seaweed. Naked. Thin. He would like to tell them that it wasn’t her in the morgue, with a bruised face and mauve mouth. Stitches on one pale palm. She had gone. He had put his mouth next to the cold ear, crystallised salt on its rim. He had wanted to beg for forgiveness.

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