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Hubble Bubble: The Super Spooky Fright Night


UK (C'wealth) Nosy Crow
China Central Radio and TV
Israel Korim Publishing House
Russia Streсoza Publishing
Slovenia Slovart
Turkey Marti Yayincicik
USA Candlewick Press


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights With UK Publisher


Age Range 6+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 0857633171
ISBN-13: 978-0857633170
Illustrator: Joe Berger

Ideal for newly independent readers with a thirst for magic and mayhem, this third young fiction title from the creators of the highly-acclaimed Hubble picture books sees Granny’s halloween party go off with a bang, a birthday trip to a build-a-teddy factory career out of control, and well, you can probably guess who magics up penguins at the local swimming pool!

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The piano started playing a spooky tune. “It’s the Fright Night Party Mix!” Pandora smiled. “My favourite!” Granny Crow gathered the children together. “Take a broomstick each and fly about,” she said, “and when the music stops catch as many paper bats as you can!” Cheering, the children climbed on to their broomsticks and zoomed up into the air. “Yay!” they giggled as broomsticks bashed and paper bats zipped about like rockets. And when stray broom twigs rained on to the carpet Granny P was there to sweep them up with her tail feathers! …It was all going well. So well. Granny Crow was a party sensation! But then she went to check on her Pumpkin pop… “Oh,” sighed Granny, peering into the cauldron. “I don’t think it’s poppy enough.” Pandora looked at her nervously. She really hoped Granny wouldn’t spoil things by going too far… “I think it’s fine!” Pandora gulped. “Ummm … no,” said Granny. “It needs more oomph! Just one last teeny-tiny spell, that’s all.”

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