Kate Maryon  ·  My Sister is Bigger than Me

My Sister is Bigger than Me


UK (C'wealth) Penguin Random House
China Citic Press


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Age Range 3+
Category Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1780080987
Illustrator: Lisa Stubbs

My sister Gracie is bigger than me.¬†Because she’s nearly six and I’m just three!

But sometimes it can be hard to play with big sisters. Will Ava be able to bite back?

A witty tale of sibling love from Kate Maryon and Lisa Stubbs.

Without even knocking, she lets herself in, paints green on my lips and hairs on my chin. She gets out her varnish, says, Ava, "I might give you long witchy nails as dark as the night." I spread out my fingers and think I might burst, I want painted nails, but then, she says, "FIRST! I'll be the doctor, so lie on the bed, I'll bandage you up because you've bashed your head." With toilet-roll bandage she wraps round and round and says I'm too ill to make even one sound. I keep my lips zipped but if I were the nurse I'd make sure her bashes were bigger and worse!

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