Tracey Corderoy  ·  Seaview Stables Adventures: The Pony with No Name

The Pony with no Name


UK (C'wealth) Simon & Schuster


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range 8+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1471170411
ISBN-13: 978-1471170416

From bestselling Tracey Corderoy – author of the Hubble Bubble and Shifty McGifty series – comes an enchanting new series, perfect for pony lovers.

10 year-old Bryony is excited to move with her family to a new home by the sea. She knows that adventures are just around the corner, but wishes she didn’t have to leave her best friends or the local stables behind. Then, while exploring the woods near her house, she encounters a beautiful bay pony. Something has spooked the pony and caused him to bolt, but Bryony manages to calm him using her natural ability and their instant connection.

Days later, she can’t stop thinking about him, so when she sees an advert in the local post office from a lady wanting help with her daughter’s new pony, she immediately answers. When Bryony turns up at the manor house, she is delighted to see that it is indeed the same pony – a chocolate brown bay called Red. But the pony’s owner, Georgina, isn’t so happy to see her. In fact, she’s determined to keep Bryony away.

Will Bryony ever get the chance to get close to Red? And why is Georgina so intent on keeping them apart?


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