Stolen Girl


UK (C'wealth) John Blake
Netherlands Meulenhoff Boekerij


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction
ISBN-10: 1782190163
ISBN-13: 978-1782190165
Written with: Katie Taylor


She called him her boyfriend but he was her abuser.

Katie Taylor was just 13 years-old when she was targeted, raped and sexually abused by a man who followed her home from school. Bullied from an early age, Katie’s low self-esteem made her a prime target. She believed it was love. It wasn’t. He was a paedophile.

Months later, the schoolgirl was systematically groomed and raped by a group of predatory Asian men. They separated her from her friends and passed her between them, violating her and treating her as a sexual plaything. But worse was yet to come. Katie was contacted by Zeb – the evil ringleader. He lured her with drugs and alcohol before raping her at a secret house – his private lair – where he exploited and abused young girls. Zeb was calculating and sadistic. He introduced others into the grooming ring until the teenager felt she had no option but to comply with his perverse desires. The abuse continued for two agonising years until Zeb came up with an even more sickening plan.

Scared for her life, Katie was trapped. She needed to tell someone, but who could she turn to and how would she escape the clutches of these depraved men?

Stolen Girl is the shocking true story of lost childhood innocence. But it is also one of hope and how Katie found the courage and strength not only to escape her abusers but also to bring them to justice.

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