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The Gentle Discipline Book


UK (C'wealth) Little, Brown - Piatkus
USA Penguin - Tarcher
China (Simplified Chinese) Gingko
Greece Dioptra
Indonesia Bentang Pustaka
Korea Booklogcompany
Poland MT Biznes
Romania Multi Media
Spain Ediciones Obelisco
Turkey Dogan Kitap


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction
ISBN-10: 0349412413
ISBN-13: 978-0349412412

The Gentle Discipline Book is an indispensable guide for parents looking for a more gentle and effective way to shape their child’s behaviour.

The Gentle Discipline Book will help parents to understand why their child acts in the way that they do, how they can get their child to listen to them and how to get them to behave in more appropriate ways, both now and in the future. The book explores the idea of discipline and what effective discipline really looks like. Gentle Discipline is a world away from the punishments and rewards so often advocated and turns what many think about raising children on its head. Covering a range of ages from toddler to teen the book will help parents to  understand how the minds of children work and what makes them tick at each stage, helping parents to adopt a style of managing their child’s behaviour that will see them through many years to come.

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