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The Magical Snow Garden


UK (C'wealth) Little Tiger Press
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Age Range 3+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1848959052
ISBN-13: 978-1848959057
Illustrator: Jane Chapman

Far away, where snowflakes twinkle like stars, little Wellington penguin dreams of growing a garden.

“Impossible!” say his friends. “You just can’t grow a garden in the snow.”

But Wellington is determined – and soon he creates something truly magical…

An inspiring, unforgettable story about how each of us can achieve our dreams.

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So Wellington filled his biggest net with things to make his garden – wrappers and buttons, leftover clock bits, and pearly-white seashells from Rosemary’s faraway travels! For days Wellington whizzed about – folding and twirling, glittering and gluing, digging and planting, until… “Ta daaaa!” Now all of the wrappers were beautiful flowers, all the buttons bright bumblebees. Daisies danced in the deep green grass. And clockwork trees dotted the hills, sprinkled in snow-white blossom.

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