Rebecca Reid  ·  The Power of Rude


UK (C'wealth) Orion - Trapeze
USA Simon & Schuster
Russia Eksmo


World Rights Eve White
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Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction

 Last year, during a TV interview with a comedian I found myself unable to get a word in edgeways. So, I put my finger to my lips and shushed him. It briefly became a news story, and people on the internet dubbed me Rebecca Rude. Which was when I realised that despite having perfectly nice manners, being rude is a superpower.

Rudeness is the one quality that we all agree about. It’s the one we try and breed out of our children. Being called rude is unquestionably an insult. But ever since I decided to embrace my inner rudeness, my life has been better.

This book will prove rudeness is in fact incredibly important. It will look at famous rude people (Princess Margaret, Wallis Simpson, Nancy Mitford, arguably Emmeline Pankhurst) and how they used their rudeness.

The book will question whether the rules of rudeness are different for women (they are) and how being taught not to be rude actually prevents us from succeeding.

THE POWER OF RUDE will explore the power of rudeness in relationships, when dating, with friends, with family, in daily life and at work.

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