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UK (C'wealth) Serpent's Tail
Czech Rep. Albatros


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction

Seeking solace from his crumbling relationship with long-term girlfriend VICTORIA, DANIEL opens up to RUBY, who is serving seven years in prison for a violent offence, and has become his pen pal.

But when Ruby confesses her love for Daniel, he gets cold feet and stops responding to her increasingly desperate emails.

Victoria finally moves in with her lover. Daniel retreats to a secluded, dilapidated cottage in a forest, left to him by his mother. He has no internet connection and nothing but Victoria’s pet parrot for company.

Then, on 1st October, Ruby turns up and shatters his isolation.

How did she find him? Did she come for love? Or for revenge?

Daniel walks a treacherous path between deep suspicion and growing passion, in an October that will change his life forever.


I’ve been contacted many times over the years, by journalists, bloggers, one time a screenwriter, all wanting to know ‘what really happened’ in the cottage, when all they really want is for me to confirm what they’ve already heard. They ask about Ruby. They ask about Lanes End. They ask about the trial. I throw their letters in the bin. But you ask me a different question. You ask me to tell you ‘who I really am’. And I get the feeling you truly do want to hear my side of the story.

It can’t have been easy for you to reach out to me like this. I imagine you’ve heard a great many things about me already. I expect you’ve googled me. I’m so grateful you’ve written at all. That you ask for my version shows integrity. That you’re even considering meeting me feels like a miracle. You want the facts before judging me. I cannot ask for a fairer hearing than this. So, assuming nothing, let me give them to you. Whether this serves my own ends or not, when you finish reading this letter you will know ‘who I really am’. And then you can decide for yourself.

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