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Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear - The Musical! Nominated for an Olivier Award

Time Out has reviewed Andy Stanton‘s Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear – The Musical! and awarded it four stars.

“The NT’s triumphantly weird new musical ‘Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear’ is adept both at delighting kids and at giving adults regular icy shivers of horror […] it’s also very self-aware, and ready to subvert its heaviest emotional moments with post-modern irony. A genre that luckily, kids seem to embrace. They lap up this offbeat blend of bad-old-days violence, giant dancing doughnuts, and knowing, but expansive, joy.”

Read the full review here.

This family show runs for the whole of the school holidays at The National Theatre. Tickets are on sale here.

The musical is based on Andy’s book, Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.  Find all his books here, or at your local bookshop.

Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyStanton15.

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