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The Turn of the Key

US coverage continues to appear for Ruth Ware‘s The Turn of The Key ran a strong online review written by Arts Desk Contributor Annalisa Quinn. Here are two pull quotes:

“A clever and elegant update to James’s story, one with less ambiguity but its own eerie potency… Ware creates suspense with sinister precision… The Turn of the Key contains all the most pleasurable hallmarks of the genre: secret garden, handsome handyman, ghostly footsteps, a locked attic, whispers in the village of hauntings and deaths, a scribbled warning from the last nanny… Rereading Ware, you admire her cleverness, the way she hid her tracks and left bright threads winding in different directions.”

Air Mail ran a review in their weekly newsletter.

“One of British author Ruth Ware’s many strengths is her ability to create a disorienting environment that at first dazzles with its ingenuity and luxury—like the cruise ship in her 2016 book, The Woman in Cabin 10—then turns nightmarish. In The Turn of the Key, that place is Heatherbrae House in the Scottish Highlands… The book’s roots may reach back to James, and still further to the Brontë sisters, but it feels as up-to-the minute as the Happy app. The result is an irresistibly readable and scary homage.”

The Columbus Dispatch also reviewed the novel ($).

“A Daphne du Maurier-like Gothic thriller set in the remote Scottish highlands but with a modern technology twist. Ware specializes in menacing spellbinders with narrators who may or may not be reliable…  She has done a first-rate job of manufacturing and maintaining tension until the final page.”

Business Insider ran a round-up of “The 10 must-read books of August, according to Amazon’s editors”, featuring The Turn of the Key.

Find Ruth on Twitter @RuthWareWriter.

Buy your copy of The Turn of the Key here in the US or here in the UK. If you’re in the UK and are looking for an independent bookshop to support with your purchase, find one here.

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