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Kate Scott has launched a scheme called AuthorPenPals, which pairs authors with schools to recommend and react to books.

Authors in the scheme recommend books to pupils by sending postcards. They commit for a year and send postcards monthly. Pupils are encouraged to respond with their thoughts on the recommended books.

“AuthorPenPals is an easy, low-cost and time-efficient way for authors to establish relationships with schools and share their passion for children’s books with the very audience those books need to reach. I’m hoping that even those children’s authors who are struggling financially might be able to afford a postcard a month,” said Scott. “It’s also a way to get the word out about more diverse books, older but less well-known classics, or books that authors have read and loved but which have received little marketing or publicity.”

See coverage of the scheme from publishing industry magazine The Bookseller here.

If you are a children’s author or run a school and would like to get involved, find Kate on Twitter @KateScottWriter.

Buy a copy of Kate’s latest novel, Just Jackhere, or in your local bookshop by clicking the link to the right.

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