News  ·  Little Bear’s Spring is Indie Booksellers’ Book of the Month!

Elli Woollard‘s Little Bear Spring, illustrated by Briony May Smith, has been chosen by the Booksellers Association Children’s Bookselling Group as its Independent Booksellers’ Children’s Book of the Month for March.

“Responding to the book’s selection, Elli Woollard praised the role of independent bookshops, “I am absolutely thrilled that Little Bear’s Spring has been chosen as Children’s Book of the Month. It is thanks to the passion, dedication and enthusiasm of independent booksellers that the book industry is kept alive. Each independent bookshop is a unique treasure trove, and delving into them is a magical experience. Long may they continue!”

Congratulations to Elli. Read the full announcement here.

Find her on Twitter @Elli_fant.

Buy Little Bear’s Spring and all of Elli’s other books at your local bookshop, or here.

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