News  ·  Nightingale Point Audiobook Announced

Luan Goldie‘s debut, Nightingale Point, will be recorded as an audiobook with multiple voices.

Three graduates from East 15 acting school’s BA Acting programme were selected as readers.

Luan commented: “With Nightingale Point being so location specific, it was really important to find actors who were able to sound like they were really from the area. The students from East 15 understood this, and brought not only authenticity to the characters, but also warmth and heart. Selecting the actors was very difficult as the standard was so high. It’s amazing to think that everyone we heard for the roles is at the very beginning of their career.”

See the announcement in The Bookseller here.

Find Luan on Twitter at @LuanGoldie.

Nightingale Point is out with HQ in August 2019. Pre-order your copy here.

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