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Ruth Is a Star, Says the Toronto Star

Ruth Ware was asked to write about her best murder for the The New York Times in an article headlined, “We Asked 13 Novelists, From Lee Child to Ruth Ware, ‘What’s the Best Murder You Ever Wrote?’”

Ruth answered: “As a writer it’s always tempting to be fondest of the book you’re working on, but since I haven’t actually committed the murder in my current work-in-progress yet, it would feel like a bit of a cheat to choose that one. My crimes usually take place off the page, which perhaps makes them harder to rank, but in terms of Christie-ish cleverness, I have a soft spot for the elaborate plan executed in The Woman in Cabin 10. Set on a cruise ship, it’s one of the most coldblooded crimes I’ve ever devised — a murder committed in international waters using a method designed to leave detectives wondering not just whodunit but did it happen at all? It’s a plan predicated on a single driving force: a desire to kill, and get away without even a stain of suspicion.

Ruth’s latest, The Turn of the Key, is out in the US and the UK on 6th and 8th August respectively. Buy your copy of The Woman in Cabin 10 here in the US or here in the UK, where you can also pre-order The Turn of the Key.

Follow Ruth on Twitter @RuthWareWriter.


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