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Up, up and Away!

Tracey Corderoy‘s Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away! and Elli Woollard‘s Swashbuckle Lil: The Secret Pirate are part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge!

Find out more about Tracey here and Ellie here.

In the title story, Shifty and Sam lead the way in a wacky race that has been sabotaged by the one and only Red Rocket! But they soon thwart his dastardly ways and the rightful winner takes home the prize. When a mysterious parcel is delivered to the cafe, both Shifty and Sam claim ownership. A rift grows between the boys until a small knight rides to the rescue. Rich old Mrs Snootington is staying at the posh hotel in town, just as a spate of burglaries takes place. Can Shifty and Sam go undercover to catch the thief? 

Buy Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away! here.

Lil is a pirate, a good sort of pirate, and when there is someone to save, 
she’ll do what is right (if it takes her all night). Yes, she’ll always be bold and be brave.

When evil pirate Stinkbeard tries to kidnap Lil’s teacher, it’s up to schoolgirl and secret pirate, Lil, to come to the rescue. In story two it’s sports day, but there’s a very hungry croc on the loose. Can Lil and her trusty parrot, Carrot, scare Stinkbeard and his pet croc away?

Buy Swashbuckle Lil: The Secret Pirate here.

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