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The Turn of the Key

There was no shortage of coverage for Ruth Ware’s The Turn of the Key on its US publication day earlier this week.

CrimeReads ran a 1,700-word excerpt from early in the book.

BookRiot ran an 18-minute audiobook excerpt from early in the book. “If you’re looking for a compelling audiobook to join you at the beach this summer, bring your earbuds and give Ruth Ware’s new psychological thriller, The Turn of the Key, a listen.”

BookPage ran a glowing review. “Ruth Ware’s homage to The Turn of the Screw is filled with all of the best gothic elements: an unreliable narrator, an isolated setting, creepy children and a house that functions as its own menacing character. Part epistolary novel, part psychological thriller, The Turn of the Key is compulsively readable and will keep readers guessing until the very last page… Ware is adept at managing multiple plot threads and using them to shock her reader. The beauty of The Turn of the Key is in how it takes the tropes central to the gothic genre, like the isolated haunted house, and gives them a 21st-century spin while still managing to feel fresh and surprising to even the most gothic-averse reader. Straddling the line between horror and thriller, this novel will delight fans of both genres.”

Bookish ran an interview with Ruth. “Are you attached to your Alexa? Do you control various aspects of your home from your smartphone? Prepare to be creeped out. Ruth Ware’s latest thriller, The Turn of the Key, tells the story of a nanny in a smart home that turns downright harrowing.”

Literary Hub included this title in a round-up for their weekly column “New Books Tuesday”.

The novel was also reviewed in the Purewow newsletter. “Thriller lovers, fasten your seat belts… Read The Turn of the Key today and hold on through the twists. You’ll find yourself racing to the end to see what—and who—you can really believe.”

Find Ruth on Twitter @RuthWareWriter.

Buy your copy here in the US or here in the UK. If you’re in the UK and are looking for an independent bookshop to support with your purchase of The Turn of the Key, find one here.

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